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“It is only the dead who have seen the end of war.”  —Plato

Two expert war photographers, Mark and David, are working in war torn Kurdistan. Mark is highly ambitious and wants to pursue the fighting in search of the ultimate shot but David has had enough of it all and leaves to go home to his pregnant wife Diane. When Mark returns bloody and bruised to his home in Ireland a few days later, he is shocked to hear David hasn’t made it home. Exhausted, disorientated, obsessed by ghosts of violence and unable to pick up his old life with Elena, the man visibly deteriorates. In hospital, the doctors conclude that his paralysis is a psychological problem linked to something that happened to David, which Mark does not want to remember. It will be discovered by Joaquin, an elder psychiatrist specializing in war injuries who previously worked in the “recovery” of war criminals after the Spanish Civil War. American journalist Scott Anderson, author of the eponymous novel, collaborated with the writing of the film’s screenplay.

Danis Tanovic (based on Scott Anderson’s novel)

Seamus Deasy

Source: Romacinemafest

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