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Paz Vega, Christopher Lee and Colin Farrell present TRIAGE, Seville Film Fest

November 11, 2009

Source: Fest21

During the presentation of “Triage,” Paz Vega expressed how happy she was to be presenting her film at the Seville Festival. The film, written and directed by the Oscar wining Danis Tanovic, has allowed Paz Vega to participate for the first time in the Festival’s Official Section. Previous editions of the Festival had screened other films in which the actress starred, but out of competition.

Paz Vega emphasized the professionalism of all the cast and crew who took part in shooting the film, and made particular mention of Christopher Lee whose historic knowledge of previous wars had helped bring a closer, more realistic view to the story. She also said how much she enjoyed the shooting, right to the last day. “I got up every morning looking forward to going to work and I was so sorry when it finished. I really enjoyed making the film,” the actress said.

The subject matter of this film recalls the awful suffering during the Spanish Civil War, considered one of the most terrible by the leading actors of “Triage.” Christopher Lee said he knew people who had lived through that war and they told him of the hardship and suffering during the conflict.

The veteran actor considered that “Triage” was one of the best war films to date, for its truthfulness and for transmitting two essential views of the conflict, that of those who go off to war and that of those who wait behind. He also said that Colin Farrell is the best film actor at present, stressing “the excellent work he did in his role as Mark, the photographer.”

For his part, Colin Farrell joked about the age and experience of his companion Christopher Lee when he announced that, after all the time he’s been working in cinema, “I’m very interested in working with the great geniuses and young talents like Mr. Lee.”

As for her future plans, the Seville actress Paz Vega mentioned how much she would like to work in Spanish cinema although at the moment she hasn’t been offered any roles. Despite everything, she is open to future Spanish projects and hopes that the situation changes and “I can do something here, in my country and in my language,” she concluded.


Set during the war in Kurdistan, “Triage” tells of the life and adventures of two young friends, experienced photographers, Mark (Colin Farrell) and David (Jamie Sives), who are immersed in the war in search of images of that heartrending conflict. David decides to give up and go back home to his pregnant wife, Diane (Kelly Reilly).

When Mark gets back home, blood stained and bruised, he is surprised although at first not worried to see that David hasn’t come home. Elena (Paz Vega), Mark’s wife, is worried about both of them. Mark is exhausted, disoriented, and unable to resume his old life in Dublin. Elena, seeing that her husband’s physical problems could be due to psychological causes, decides to ask for help from her grandfather, responsible for the “purification” of war criminals at the end of the Spanish Civil War.

Paola García Costas

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